Looking for all the answers to accessible travel? - Driving Mobility

Looking for all the answers to accessible travel?

Look no further than our new ‘Hubs’ services at seven Driving Mobility assessment centres across the UK.

Our Hubs have the perfect advice for you!

In addition to core driving assessments, each centre now provides an additional range of individualised services to offer information and advice regarding all forms of accessible transport. Whether you are looking to find out about local bus services that accommodate wheelchairs, community transport through to accessible train and plane travel – Driving Mobility has all the answers.

Driving Mobility is known for overseeing centres of excellence in terms of adapted driving assessments for elderly and disabled drivers. However, with the launch of Hubs, seven of these centres now provide wider transport guidance:

By contacting an enhanced Driving Mobility Hubs centre you can access comprehensive details regarding accessible travel if you have restricted mobility, a hidden disability, use a wheelchair or drive a mobility scooter. These new FREE signposting services offer all the information you need to remain independently mobile without use of a private car.

If you have decided to stop driving or your licence has been revoked, Hubs now provides all the answers in one location. Equally if you continue to drive, details regarding accessible parking are also available.

Each centre will provide help with a wide range of topics with most including:

  • Accessible bus, coach, rail, boat and air travel
  • Journey planning, concessions and permit schemes
  • The Blue Badge scheme and accessible parking
  • Your rights as a disabled traveller
  • Accessible attractions and destinations
  • Suitable activities and groups within your area
  • Community transport such as Dial-a-Ride
  • Shopmobility
  • Accessible taxis
  • Wheelchair and mobility scooter assessments
  • Ways to reduce loneliness or isolation

Each centre has a team of qualified Occupational Therapists and friendly, caring staff who are ready to listen to your needs. Through well-informed expertise they will be able to offer travel solutions to keep you mobile and active with the local community and beyond.

Hub centres provide easier access to a wealth of information regarding accessible travel. With these new services, you no longer need to search for details in a variety of places, which may be confusing and time consuming. Driving Mobility teams have invested extensive resources into compiling accurate and easy to understand data for you to access quickly and without hassle. By understanding your options in more details, you can also travel with greater peace of mind ­­– using modes of transport that are more suited to your needs.

Contact your local Hubs centre today and get ready to enjoy easier accessible travel, whatever your destination or disability.

For further details, click on your nearest Hubs centre above or email: info@drivingmobility.org.uk