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Welcome to “Still Safe to Drive” from GEM Motoring Assist.

As we grow older, it’s perfectly normal for our driving habits and skills to change. The important thing is to recognise these changes, especially the ones that may compromise safety, so that we can ensure we also take steps to reduce any risks. In that way, we will hopefully continue driving long into later life. Even if we need to reduce our driving, or we need to leave it to others, it doesn’t have to mean an end to an independent, active life.

We are delighted to have worked with broadcaster Valerie Singleton OBE to bring you three informative videos, covering the following topics:

1) The process of ageing: essential information for drivers

2) Stay as safe as possible for as long as possible: top tips for staying mobile and reducing risk

3) Conversations about giving up driving: three families share their experiences

Each of these videos contains short excerpts from more detailed interviews and discussions. If you’re interested in particular topics, you can see the ‘full’ version of any of them. Just choose from the list in our video library. Go to the website:

“Still Safe to Drive” is brought to you by GEM Motoring Assist, the UK’s leading driving-based road safety association, with around 70,000 members. GEM Motoring Assist’s principal aims are to improve safety for all road users through the sponsorship and initiation of accident prevention measures throughout the UK and to provide motoring and safety information to its own members, principally through its magazine “Good Motoring.”