North Wales Older Driver Development Programme - Driving Mobility

North Wales Older Driver Development Programme

Supporting drivers aged 65+ to remain driving safer for longer.

North Wales Older Driver Development Programme gives drivers the opportunity to undertake a free assessment of their driving ability under the guidance of a qualified and specially trained Approved Driving Instructor and also offers a “Driver Workshop” to allow participants to attend a group session discussing safe driving techniques and Highway Code matters. Participants can attend both practical and theory aspects of this programme, or can decide to attend just one element if preferred.

The Older Driver Development Programme is available across the 6 counties of North Wales (Anglesey, Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd and Wrexham) and is a collaborative venture between The North Wales Road Safety Group, local County Council Road Safety Units and The North Wales Mobility and Driving Assessment Service.

The Programme takes a proactive approach towards improving the road safety of drivers aged 65+ through a process of driver development and education. This proactive approach, not only attempts to ensure individual drivers are equipped with the essential skills and road safety knowledge to continue driving safely, but also helps the individual driver become more aware of the age related changes that have potential to impact upon their future driving ability.

The North Wales Older Driver Development Programme is administered by Flintshire County Council on behalf of the 6 North Wales authorities, with the application form to apply for the assessment being available via all six local authority Road Safety Departments.