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Retirement from driving

Advice for families about alternatives to driving

Being able to drive on the public highway is a privilege rather than a right, and it is recommended that all drivers throughout their driving career should consider Retirement from Driving. This may be in response to economic issues such as its being cheaper to use another form of transport, environmental concerns, or at a point in the future at which it is no longer safe for that driver to continue to be on the road.

Just about everything involves risk, and motoring is no exception. By understanding the risk and taking steps to minimise it, you can help keep yourself and others safe. We therefore offer advice to help drivers think about their driving and make the right decisions to stay safe and independent. This may include Retirement from Driving, or how to continue driving safely and comfortably, or how families can help older drivers stay on the road for as long as possible. We have endorsed a guide to this which can be found

Everyone needs a Retirement Plan – and Driving is no exception. It is an activity which directly affects our family and friends, so they should be involved in a Driver’s Plan, in just the same way as retirement from a job. In order to start to think about Retirement from Driving, take a look at our leaflet, to assist you in thinking through the options open to you, which can be downloaded HERE. You may wish to work through the options on this leaflet with family,or perhaps with a Health Professional.

Some of the alternatives which you might wish to consider along with your family in discussing Retirement from Driving can be used to replace some or all of your driving. It’s a good idea to try them out well before you start thinking about stopping driving. Talk to friends who use them, and maybe go along with them to try them out. We have endorsed a guide to this which can be found

In order to seek our advice directly, and perhaps to help you work through some of the options open to you and your family, why not get in touch with our nearest centre to where you live – we are spread all over the country and your nearest can be found