About us - Driving Mobility

About us

We have 16 independent driving and mobility assessment centres across the UK, 12 of these are in England with 7 satellites and 48 outreaches and are supported by the Department for Transport, in Wales our two centres (with 2 outreaches) are supported by the Welsh Government, in Belfast (with 8 outreaches) by Disability Action, and in Glasgow by Motability Operations.

Driving Mobility ensures that there are common standards, promotes good practice and offers training and education to centre staff and related external individuals and organisations, whilst working closely with associated national bodies. These include the Department for Transport, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, Driver and Vehicle Agency (NI), Motability, NHS Trusts and the Police, along with many more valued stakeholders.

Driving Mobility is supported by the Department for Transport and its patron Baroness Thomas of Winchester.

Which centre can I attend?

You can attend whichever Centre is the most convenient for you through a recommendation by your GP or healthcare professional. Alternatively, some Centres enable you to self-refer.

Although independent, the Centres are recognised by other mobility organisations including Motability and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) both of which refer their clients to Driving Mobility assessment centres.

Who do we offer advice and assessment to?

  • People with a medical condition that may impact their ability to make appropriate decisions with regards to safe driving
  • People with a disability who think they may need special modifications to a motor vehicle in order to be able to control it safely
  • Experienced, older drivers who may have concerns about their standard of driving
  • Parents/Carers who need to transport people, including children, with restricted mobility in a motor vehicle
  • People considering a wheelchair accessible vehicle (WAV)
  • People who wish to begin, or return to driving following an illness, injury or accident
  • People who are recovering from an accident or injury which may temporarily affect their ability to drive or transfer to a vehicle.

What do we offer?

Assessment and advice:

  • on adaptations to overcome physical problems with vehicle control
  • with regard to your ability to drive safely
  • on wheelchair and scooter loading and transportation
  • regarding passenger / driver access to vehicles

The following assessment and advice are available at some Centres:

  • wheelchair/scooter selection
  • motorcycles or heavy goods vehicles
  • vocational assessments for taxi drivers and PSV licence holders
  • postural support seating solutions for air travel
  • paediatric assessment including powered wheelchairs and car seats

You can find more information on the types of assessment provided by your nearest Centre by entering your postcode at Find a centre and selecting the service you need from the ‘And optionally choose any services you need’ search function.