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Higher Education Provision

Certificate of Higher Education, Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma courses in Outdoor Mobility

Driving Mobility is known for its excellence of HE provision to all of its assessment staff which enables it to meet its accreditation obligations in terms of staff qualifications and is mandatory to Mobility Centre employees.

Historically this provision has been co-delivered at the University of Greenwich, and at the University of Chester. This co-delivery between academics, medical practitioners and our own cadre of Associate Tutors, has proved to be extremely effective in producing top-flight employees, qualified in Outdoor Mobility.

We have now embarked upon a co-delivered series of “pathways” with Oxford Brookes University. These courses have two entry points which lead to the accumulation of “credit” through undertaking available modules, resulting in several educational awards.

The first pathway which has four modules and leads to a Certificate of Higher Education, is for those who have not yet got a degree. The pathway for graduates, initially comprises three modules leading to a postgraduate certificate. Achieving either a CertHE or a PGCert is a pre-requisite for all assessment staff at accredited Driving Mobility centres. Alternatively, postgraduate students can opt for a third pathway which comprises six modules and leads to a Postgraduate Diploma. From there, students can progress to Masters and Doctoral level studies.

We are hoping that this new provision will attract students from other organisations, particularly overseas and if you might be interested, please contact us.

Certificate of Higher Education & Postgraduate Certificate



Postgraduate Diploma & Beyond

Further information

Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education Student Information

Level 7 Postgraduate Certificate & Postgraduate Diploma Student Information

2023/24 Course fees – all modules

Individual module pricing to enable single module sales.

Study Skills Module            £800

All taught modules             £600 each

This would mean the fees for each complete course are:

Certificate of Higher Education (Study Skills + 3 modules)                    £2,600

Postgraduate Certificate (3 modules)                                                     £1,800

Postgraduate Diploma (3 modules)                                                        £1,800

To apply to study on one of our Higher Education courses, please contact us.

Help and Support

For further information on nationwide support for healthcare professionals, please contact Driving Mobility