Hubs Mobility Advice Service - Driving Mobility

Hubs Mobility Advice Service

Accessible Travel Solutions

Do you need alternatives to driving a car?
Looking to travel by public transport using a wheelchair?
Are you unsure about your travel options with a physical or hidden disability?
Seeking venues suitable for older people?

Discover the answers and many more travel solutions with the
Hubs Mobility Advice Service

If driving is not possible, our Hubs service offers FREE impartial advice on accessible transport and services such as:

  • Accessible buses and coaches
  • Easy access rail and air travel
  • Community transport
  • Rights as a disabled passenger
  • Hiring or purchasing the right scooters and wheelchairs
  • Local, national and international travel planning

Provided by 15 of the many Driving Mobility centres in England, we can also advise you on accessible venues and locations along with lifestyle choices and inclusive activities.

Find out about stress-free leisure and business travel when living with additional needs, our expert team are ready to get you going car free!