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Driving Instructor Training

Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) at our Mobility Centres have expert knowledge and skill to help clients who require additional support with the practical aspect of learning, continuing and returning to driving.   These difficulties can be due to:

  • Learning disability
  • Physical disability
  • Mental health

Specialist ADIs have an understanding of medical conditions and how they can impact a client’s ability to drive and can offer techniques to try and/or offer an introduction to high tech in-car equipment.

If there is a concern that a client may not be able to pass the practical part of the current driving test, specialist teams can offer Potential to Drive assessments which focus on the practical and cognitive skills required to pass the current driving test.  Some centres also offer additional theory support.

However, many clients with mild difficulties will not need this highly skilled level of input. Specialist Mobility Centres offer ADIs the opportunity to attend additional training to enhance their existing practice. Courses conducted by the Centres can include:

  • Disability awareness
  • Medical condition awareness
  • Discussion on experiences and techniques
  • Familiarisation with adapted vehicles

For details of our latest available courses, please see Latest training courses.

Help and Support

For further information on nationwide support for healthcare professionals, please contact Driving Mobility