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Coach Travel

Travelling by coach can be a low-cost way of getting from one city centre to another.

Travelling by coach can be a low-cost way of getting from one city centre to another. There is an extensive network of coach services across the country.

Finding out what is available

If you know the route you want to travel, for example London to Birmingham, the best place to start is on-line with the websites of the leading coach companies or comparison sites. Alternatively you can contact your local Mobility Centre.


Although, by law, all scheduled coach services should now be running with accessible  (lift equipped) vehicles and with space to travel in your wheelchair, it is still important to check in advance if you are a wheelchair user to make sure that your chair is within the dimensions allowed on board, that there is still space available and that the stops where you want to get on and off are also accessible. There are some stops in smaller towns and villages where the pavement is too narrow to allow the lift to be used.

It is always wise to book in advance if you can, to make sure that your needs are met.

National Express, which has an extensive network of coach services, has useful information on access both on board and at its coach stations and other stops.


If you let the coach company know in advance that you are travelling and tell them what help you will need, they should be ready to help you board the coach (suing the lift or with assistance on the steps), securing your wheelchair or stowing your mobility scooter and any luggage you have.


You do need to be aware that on board toilets on coaches are not wheelchair accessible.  You should check in advance how long the journey will be (allowing for traffic delays etc) and check if there are any stops on route, for example at motorway service areas which have accessible toilets.

If you don’t think that you can manage the journey without needing to use the toilet, then you may prefer to go by train.

There may be a Transport Hub near you which could help and offer advice and guidance.