Edward Trewhella, CEO - Driving Mobility

Edward Trewhella, CEO

Edward has been the respected and valued CEO of Driving Mobility since 2017. Prior to this most recent appointment, Edward worked at Cornwall Mobility as the Chief Executive.

Edward has experienced a diverse career working in the nuclear, pharmaceutical and software industries, focussed on technology and communications, which culminated in international directorship at Oxford Brookes University. He also has in-depth experience of the charity sector having served as a volunteer in various charities as a Trustee and as Chair. He also served as a Chief Executive of a trade association. This rich background has empowered Edward to deliver real value to the charity, its personnel and service users – particularly with top level strategies and effective institutional relationships.

Since his appointment in 2017, Edward has thrived in the role, his passion is fulfilled everyday as Driving Mobility gives back to the community through the enablement of people with a disability. His proven leadership skills have synergised with the ‘phenomenal team we have nationwide’ as he puts it – together delivering real change in terms of inclusion and independence.