Laura Holley - Driving Mobility

Laura Holley

Driving Assessor, Wessex DriveAbility 

Prior to qualifying as an Approved Driving Instructor in 2005, Laura worked within educational publishing as a graphic designer. With a keen interest in motorcycles, she also worked as an instructor for ‘New-To-Track’ participants at a motorsport circuit. She started work at the relatively new Wessex DriveAbility Centre in 2008 as a Driving Advisor and subsequently played an instrumental role in growth and development. Laura now has over 15 years of experience within driver training and assessments.

Laura continues to be integral to service enhancements at Wessex Driveability. She also supports Driving Mobility as a whole, most recently having been involved as an assessor in an outreach accreditation process. Laura also holds a position within the international CIECA working group which focuses on driving assessment standardisation across all member countries.