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Powered Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter (PWMS) Retailer Training Scheme

Supported by the Department for Transport, Driving Mobility provides a customer assessment and safety training scheme for retailers of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs.

Supported by the Department for Transport, Driving Mobility provides a customer assessment and safety training scheme for retailers of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs.

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What is the main aim of the scheme?

The training aims to improve road safety for all – through a process that ensures people looking to purchase, or hire mobility vehicles, are given comprehensive advice on the right product for their individual needs along with safe driving guidance.

Why is the scheme running?

Until now, there has been no consistent national industry scheme for the assessment and training of new mobility scooter or powerchair users. As a result, some people have purchased vehicles unsuitable for them in terms of their abilities to control safely.  It is now recognised how important it is to give sufficient advice and instruction to enable safe use of mobility vehicles in public places without endangering either the user or members of the public

What is involved?

There are two modules which can be accessed via the online training platform Moodle. These two on-line modules can be undertaken at work, or from home, whichever is preferred by you or your colleagues.

Following the successful completion of these online modules, participants are then invited to attend their nearest Driving Mobility centre for half-a-day. Attendees will undertake desk-based sessions and hands-on product training which aim to promote customer assessment good practice.

Is there a cost?

No. Thanks to funding from the Department for Transport all training is free.

Who is providing the training?

The scheme is operated by the charity Driving Mobility which is supported by the Department for Transport. Driving Mobility accredits a network of over 20 ‘fitness to drive’ and mobility equipment assessment centres across the UK. Many with outreach facilities, these centres include independent charities and NHS departments which provide clinical guidance, advice and training so disabled and elderly people can gain or retain independence.

Why will your business benefit?

Retailers who complete the course will receive a certificate and eye-catching window sticker. These will provide a clear indication that the business has completed training that’s officially accredited by Driving Mobility and the Department for Transport. Your customers will then be given confidence they are purchasing mobility scooters and powerchairs from a reputable retailer who has received clinically-led training for better assessment of their needs.


“By receiving this employee training, mobility retailer staff will be more knowledgeable, confident and end users will benefit from a better, safer ownership experience. I encourage all mobility retailers to sign up for this free training to not only benefit from official accreditation, but to steer future safety legislation from the Government. This will not be a barrier to customer purchases, in fact, it will be the exact opposite as your enhanced support of customers will lead to more recommendations.”
Edward Trewhella, CEO, Driving Mobility.

“It’s really important that we improve road safety for everyone, including owners of powered wheelchairs and mobility scooters. This scheme, supported by Government, will help to ensure that people with restricted mobility can get around independently and confidently by training users, and I’m pleased to support it through our funding.”
Richard Holden MP, Roads and Accessibility Minister

Help and Support

For further information on nationwide support for healthcare professionals, please contact Driving Mobility