Older drivers - Driving Mobility

Older drivers

Update your skills to keep you driving safely for longer.

As we get older, health and fitness begins to deteriorate, and age related conditions can eventually mean that there is a point when we must give up driving. However, this point is different for each individual person; there isn’t a set age at which all drivers become unable to drive safely as people age at different rates.

Age alone is almost certainly not a suitable indicator but as we get older the need for updating driving skills becomes more important; there is a clear need to help people maintain safe driving mobility as they get older and road safety activities play a fundamental role in this by decreasing the risk of accidents occurring.

A variety of  organisations play their part in helping to keep mature drivers on the road safely for longer, they provide practical and informative help and support to assist you to continue driving longer if it safe to do so. They would also identify if an assessment is needed if medical issues are highlighted.