Special educational needs - Driving Mobility

Special educational needs

To successfully learn to drive you need an instructor who understands and can adapt their teaching to suit you.

It may or may not be possible for people with special educational needs to reach driving test standard and drive independently, and an assessment is recommended.

In preparation and before investing in a licence application and lessons, it may be helpful to train for the theory and hazard perception element of the driving test to be sure whether this part of learning to drive is achievable. This can be done online and with readily available DVD/CDs along with books such as the Highway Code and Know Your Traffic Signs.

When starting lessons, the following should be considered:

  • Using an instructor with specialist experience
  • Trying a car with automatic transmission as well as manual
  • Being prepared to need an extended number of lessons
  • Repetition during tuition can be very helpful

In addition some Centres offer assistance with the theory and hazard perception elements of the learner tests. It is likely to take additional time to build confidence and competence in order to pass the practical element of the learner driving test.