Ann Frye joins Driving Mobility Board - Driving Mobility

Ann Frye joins Driving Mobility Board

International specialist on mobility for disabled and older people brings in new expertise

Ann Frye OBE, BA, FCILT, FCIHT, TPP has joined the Board of Driving Mobility, and brings a wealth of background knowledge and expertise.

Ann is an international specialist on the mobility needs of disabled and older people and works as an expert advisor on both international and UK projects on accessibility, including developing and establishing best practice in delivering accessibility and mobility options for people with physical, sensory, cognitive and mental health issues.

Notable projects include:

➢ Expert adviser on Transport for London plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street
➢ Member of the European Commission Horizon 2020 Transport Advisory Group (to end 2017)
➢ Member of the UK Civil Aviation Consumer Panel (2012 – 2017)
➢ Expert adviser to Government of Canada’s review of Canada Transportation Act (2014 – 2015)
➢ Expert adviser to Transport for London on engagement with disabled and older Londoners (sub-regional mobility forums) (2010 – 2015);
➢ Expert adviser/judge of European Access City Awards (on-going);
➢ Chair of the US Transportation Research Board sub-committee on International activities in the field of transport accessibility (which brings together both developed and developing country perspectives) (2001 -2016);
➢ Chair of the Transport Committee of GAATES (Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments) (2013 – 2016);
➢ Lead author of report on accessibility of UK railways to older and disabled people (2014 – 2015)
➢ Expert adviser to the International Transport Forum on economic potential of older tourists (2015);
➢ Expert adviser to the King Abdul Aziz Road Project in Saudi Arabia (Mecca) (2012 – 2013);
➢ Expert Advisor to European Commission (DG Justice) project on effectiveness of current EU laws in field of accessibility (2013);
➢ Advising the Olympic Delivery Authority and Transport for London on accessibility and resilience issues for London Olympics (2010 – 2012);
➢ Making study of older and disabled people and sustainable urban transport for the UN Habitat 2013 Global report on Human Settlements (2010 – 2011);
➢ Expert Advisor to European Commission research project MEDIATE drafting a Guide to Best Practice in delivering accessible public transport urban areas in Europe (2009/2010).

Ann has worked in this field for over 30 years; until 2006 she headed the Mobility & Inclusion Unit in the Department for Transport. As a Senior Civil Servant leading a team of 40 plus she was responsible for developing
and implementing laws and policies on all aspects of the transport and mobility needs of disabled and older people and other social policy issues.

Key achievements included:

➢ Creating and leading a specialist Unit to identify and deliver solutions to the transport and mobility needs of disabled and older people and to promote equality and diversity both within the Department and across the transport industries;
➢ Key role in drafting, taking through Parliament and implementing Disability Discrimination legislation in the transport field.
➢ Developing and promoting international best practice across transport modes which is now enshrined in European legislation e.g. by leading international groups developing consensus and best practice in rail and bus accessibility;
➢ Setting up the Mobility Advice and Vehicle Information Service and supporting the development and funding of other mobility centres;
➢ Developing and delivering policy on social inclusion, crime and personal security, gender issues and volunteering ( 2001 – 2006)
➢ Chairing working group of International Transport Forum on access and mobility issues (1985 – 2006).

On a voluntary basis, Ann is vice-chair of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport’s Forum on Access & Mobility and Chair of the Charity Mobility Choice which promotes the independent mobility of disabled and older people through the annual Mobility Roadshow. She has worked with disability organisations on a voluntary and professional basis for many years both in London and nationally.

Ann is also:

➢ A visiting Professor at University College London ;
➢ A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport ;
➢ A Fellow of the Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation.
➢ An honorary Transport Planning Professional.