Driving Mobility retailer training scheme for safer mobility scooter driving launches at House of Lords - Driving Mobility

Driving Mobility retailer training scheme for safer mobility scooter driving launches at House of Lords

With support from The Department for Transport, Driving Mobility has held a Westminster launch event announcing its new PWMS training scheme for mobility scooter and powered wheelchair retailers.

This new voluntary scheme aims to improve road safety through an approved and consistent way of providing appropriate mobility scooters or powerchairs. With the number of mobility vehicles increasing in the UK, Driving Mobility is introducing the first ever accredited training programme so products are matched more effectively with customer capabilities. Led by clinicians from the Driving Mobility assessment centres, retailers will be able to combine their new skills with their own product expertise, so consumers are able to drive more safely on better suited products.

Driving Mobility invited scooter retailers, assessment centre managers and influential individuals from across the mobility sector to the House of Lords event. These included Baroness Tanni Grey-Thomson; Margot Shatz, Department for Transport; and Raymond Hodgkinson MBE. Speeches explaining the new PWMS Training Scheme were delivered by Tanni, Margot and finally by Edward Trewhella, Driving Mobility CEO. Feedback was positive from the guests who attended and several significant retailers registered for training on the day.

Isaac Harvey MBE, voted one of the most influential people in the UK with a disability, commented:

“I had afternoon tea at the House of Lords. I never thought I would ever put that sentence together or actually do it. It honestly was just great to be in a space around other change makers and seeing this initiative launched for retailers of mobility equipment to better inform those in choosing the right product that will be safe and suitable for their individual needs.”

Isaac was also joined at the launch event by fellow #Power100 disability influencer Helen Dolphin MBE. As a respected expert in accessibility and inclusion, Helen was equally supportive of the new training scheme as she explained:

“For a disabled person knowing you are going to a retailer who is going to help you choose and buy a product which is most suitable for you is so important. There have been too many accidents where disabled people are using equipment that is totally unsuitable. This accreditation will help disabled people in finding an appropriate retailer who will take the time to find out about what they need so they can be safe and confident using their scooter.”

In conclusion Edward Trewhella said:

“Alongside the Department for Transport, we are aware that the way people are travelling is changing especially with increased ownership of mobility scooters and powered wheelchairs. Our launch is timely and promises to enhance road safety for all through more suitable mobility vehicle provision and greater awareness of the Highway Code.”