Leeds William Merit Centre charity relaunches Get Going Live! to get disabled drivers behind the wheel - Driving Mobility

Leeds William Merit Centre charity relaunches Get Going Live! to get disabled drivers behind the wheel

Get Going Live! focuses on getting younger disabled people, novice drivers and individuals with a newly acquired medical condition behind the wheel.

The William Merritt Centre will be hosting a relaunched Get Going Live! event so that disabled people of all ages can experience adapted driving. Part of the Centre’s annual AccessAbility exhibition, Get Going Live! focuses on younger disabled people, novice drivers and individuals with a newly acquired medical condition.

18th October. 10am – 3pm. Centenary Pavilion, Leeds United Football Club, Elland Road, LS11 0ES

Free admission and accessible parking.

The William Merritt Centre, based in Leeds and Sheffield, is one of twenty independent organisations, many with satellite centres, which offer professional information, advice and driving assessments for people seeking assistance with mobility. Overseen by the charity Driving Mobility, all centres are staffed by Occupational Therapists as well as Approved Driving Instructors so that safety for drivers with injuries, disabilities or restricted mobility is maximised. As well as conducting assessments on behalf of the DVLA, Motability and healthcare professionals, Driving Mobility accepts self-referrals.

Get Going Live! was previously a popular feature of the national Mobility Roadshow which was held annually for over thirty years until 2017. Visitors to this relaunched event will be able to test drive a range of accessible and adapted vehicles around a dedicated test track, in safety with qualified specialist instructors. Teenagers, from the age of 14, will be able to try assistive driving for the first time and explore suitable options for accessible motoring. The Leeds event will also provides useful opportunities for individuals with existing or progressive conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and Dementia, to explore safer driving options and receive independent and professional guidance.

Features of the free-to-attend event will include:

  • Test drives in dual control vehicles, accompanied by specialist driving instructors
  • A selection of driving exhibitors featuring adaptations and adapted cars
  • A complete range of the William Merritt Centre’s cars (manual, automatic, adapted …)
  • Passenger and Driver access advice
  • A team of Approved Driving Instructors with a wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Occupational Therapists on hand to offer guidance and advice

The wider AccessAbility exhibition will showcase new and innovative assistive technology and equipment from leading specialist suppliers including walking and bathing aids, beds and seating equipment as well as tricycles, scooters, wheelchairs and vehicle adaptations. A number of charities will be in attendance providing one-to-one advice and information to enable greater independence for disabled children and adults or those with additional needs. The exhibition will also offer a special gaming area showcasing adaptations which enable access to computers, mobile phones, tablets, toys and computer games whilst providing an area to chill out and have fun.

Annette Abbott, Senior Occupational Therapist, William Merritt Centre, comments: “We are delighted to be including Get Going Live! in our annual assistive technology and equipment exhibition. We believe it will deliver a unique experience to young and disabled individuals seeking driving independence.”

Get Going Live! Exhibitors at AccessAbility, Leeds

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Alfred Bekker

EXHIBITOR NEWS: Thanks to our long-standing working relationship with the William Merritt Disabled Living Centre, Alfred Bekker API Ltd are proud to have been invited to attend the AccessAbility Exhibition 2018 on 18th October 2018 at the Centenary Pavillion, Leeds United Football Club.Established in 1975, Alfred Bekker is one of the oldest mobility companies in the world and although our product designs have altered over the years, our commitment to enabling people with disabilities to maintain their independence has not changed.

This is why we constantly review and re-develop our products, to keep up with our customer’s needs as well as the technological advances made in the motor industry in general.

Visitors to the AccessAbility Exhibition 2018 will have the opportunity to see some of our new products, which were added to our range from July 2018, as well as get advice and information on our complete range of driving adaptations and wheelchair accessible vehicle conversions.

For more information, please contact us on info@alfredbekker.com or call 01377 241700.


Sirus Automotive

Lateral Design Ltd

Brig-Ayd Controls Limited

EXHIBITOR NEWS: Brig-Ayd Controls Ltd to showcase assistive driving adaptations at William Merritt Centre’s Get Going Live! Leeds event.Brig-Ayd Controls Ltd is delighted to be exhibiting its assistive driving adaptations at the William Merritt Centre’s Get Going Live! event, taking place within the wider AccessAbility exhibition.

18th October. 10am – 3pm. Centenary Pavilion, Leeds United Football. LS11 0ES.

The second in a series of free-to-attend regional Get Going Live! exhibitions, attendees will be able to safely test drive a range of accessible and adapted vehicles around a dedicated test track with qualified specialist instructors. The event will provide the opportunity for visitors, including teenagers from the age of 14, to try adapted driving for the first time and explore options for accessible motoring.

Alongside test drives, visitors will have hands-on opportunities to explore vehicle adaptations and assistive driving products from Get Going Live! and AccessAbility exhibitors, such as Brig-Ayd Controls Ltd.

Based in Hertfordshire, Brig-Ayd Controls Ltd is a family run business that has been designing adaptations for vehicles for the disabled since 1975. The company has helped thousands of disabled drivers to drive independently using hand controls, left foot accelerators and hoists. Since the introduction of its first products, the company has continued to design and redesign to provide more streamlined and user-friendly products, alongside bespoke adaptations suited to the individual.

Brig-Ayd is passionate about providing the right product for its customers and will be happy to provide advice and individual demonstrations to visitors of all ages at Get Going Live!

For further information: http://www.brig-aydcontrols.co.uk

BAS (NW) Ltd

AccessAbility Vehicle Exhibitors

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Lewis Reed (WAV) Ltd


Brook Miller Mobility Ltd

Automotive Group

Bewick Mobility

AccessAbility Exhibition

40+ stands with options and advice on Assistive technology, Equipment and
Driving for disabled children, teenagers and adults.

Find out about new products and innovation
• Wheelchairs
• Walking Aids
• Bathing/Showering
• Accessible Gaming
• Beds and Sleep Systems
• Switches and Adapted toys
• Tricycles
• Associated Charities
• Moving and Handing
• Passenger Access
• Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
• Car Seats
• Test drive from 14+ years*
• Driving/Vehicle Adaptations
• Drive from Vehicle

Who should attend?
• Disabled children
• Disabled teenagers (14+ years for a test drive*)
• Disabled adults
• Families and carers of disabled children and adults
• Healthcare professionals
• Driving Instructors

This Event is FREE and there is free parking onsite too.

We hope to see you there but if you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to ring us on 0113 3508989 or email us at info@wmdlc.org