Driving Assessments - Driving Mobility

Driving Assessments

Assessments offered include cars, motorcycles and Group 2 vehicles as well as adapted vehicles including drive-from-wheelchair

Driving Mobility Centres offer assessments to drivers of all ages from 16 if you are in receipt of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP), 17 for others, and there is no upper age limit. Some Centres are also able to offer assessments for those who hold a group 2 licence or ride motorbikes.

Our main brief is to carry out assessments for people in cars – these assessments are available at all our Centres. The service is also available to those who have no disability such as older drivers who want to ensure that their driving is still safe and consider options if they are not.

For those with a medical condition we are able to assess physical and cognitive ability which can indicate if their medical condition is impacting on their ability to drive safely, and if any adaptations are appropriate.

Some centres are able to offer assessments for those wishing to continue riding a motorcycle and can consider whether adaptations are required and whether a medical condition is affecting riding ability.

As well as being able to accept self-referrals we conduct assessments on behalf of a variety of agencies including the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), Motability Managed Adaptations Programme (MAP) and Health Professionals such as Doctors, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

There is a huge choice of adaptations now available to help you overcome your disability and enable you to start or return to driving. A variety are available at Driving Mobility Centres and as part of the assessment process you can decide which adaptation is best suited to you, with help from our experts. This can be as simple as a steering aid or very complex adaptations.

For those people who are unable to transfer from a wheelchair into a vehicle then a Drive-from-Wheelchair service is offered. Available at some of our Centres these vehicles come with either low tech or high tech adaptations, so whatever your physical disability there is a potential solution available to you.