Powered wheelchair and mobility scooter scheme - Driving Mobility
  • Powered wheelchair and mobility scooter (PWMS)

    Driver Safety Assessment Scheme – training for retail and hire staff

    Powered wheelchair and  mobility scooter scheme

Introducing a pilot scheme from Driving Mobility, supported by The Department for Transport, to train mobility product retailers and hirers in consistent and accredited safe driving guidance for end users.

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What is the PWMS Driving Safety Assessment Scheme?

  • 3-hour online training and half a day at one of our centres, for one member of your staff
  • Provided by clinicians at 13 Driving Mobility centres
  • Achieve official certification

Why should your business get involved?

  • Improved service and support of customers
  • Increased customer safety
  • Strengthen your reputation
  • Increase business through customer satisfaction

What is the aim of the training?

By educating your customers through staff training, they will:

  • Be more aware of road safety
  • Understand the relevant parts of The Highway Code
  • Have greater competence when driving
  • Have improved confidence and peace of mind

Why is it being introduced now??

  • The increase in mobility scooter and powerchair ownership can contribute to road safety issues
  • More and more dealers are asking for training
  • Legislation is over 30 years old and needs updating
  • There is no consistent approach to safe scooter driving across the UK